Effective Communication Through Good Etiquette

People sometimes do not mind how to be respectful when it comes to cyber communication. It is always in their mind that “I cannot see the person anyway so he cannot sue me.” But this is wrong eventually. What we do no matter where it is reflects of who we are.  Whatever we do and communicate we should learn to do things properly. In this article, you can read some ways on how we can effectively communicate through our Gmail account.

  1. Do bear in mind to be well mannered before and after your email conversation. Almost every email we send, we forgot to put on the first part a greeting such as Good Morning, Good Day or Hello”.  There others who open their emails directly to the point of what they want to the other person. Try to be modest at first before you introduce your reason for emailing.
  2. Do not use shortcut words such as “Tnx” for “Thanks”. It is very unprofessional, especially when you are emailing for a job position. Your employer might think you are disrespectful and is not sincere on your application.
  3. Always use “Thank You” and “Please’ as applicable as it can be. This is a must etiquette when you are conversing to a person you do not know personally. You may sound very ungrateful without some of these words. The following is extremely important one who should never be neglected.
  4. Review your message before hitting Send. There are circumstances that sometimes we tend to misspelled words or create a poor sentence. Through reviewing you are able to correct your wrongs. Make certain just before you send out your email, find a person who is able to read through your email and look for almost any modifications.

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