Spam Prevention Tactics

Stupid pointless annoying message or commonly known as spam is one of the problems people experienced on every email service. What makes it more annoying is not just one spam mail in our inbox but more than enough for us to not read immediately an important email from our family, friends or client. Though many email services have tried their best to stop spammers but still villains are getting smarter and smarter every day. If we cannot stop it after your login to your account, then we can do some tactics to minimize spam. If you are looking for those tactics, just continue reading the content of this article.

  1. Choose a not common combination of email ID. If you are one those people who are using their whole name or the standard email login ID, then expect that spam won’t stop from getting in your inbox. You can change this setup by adding some combination which makes your email address unique and hard to guess by people you do not know.
  2. Email address is exposed too much over the internet. If you are using your main email ID when you register on websites, especially those free once, then you have to expect that spammers will find you. These sites are not good in concealing your private details in life. Paid websites are much better on hiding details.
  3. Your email ID is found on your profile or is written somewhere found easily on your website. You have to hide your email ID where people won’t see it, especially to spammers. You can hide it from the spammers and put an alternative email for clients to reach you.
  4. There is a JavaScript code where you can use to encrypt your email ID each time you use it on any internet activity.

Our main email ID is very important and only intended for important people. You must hide it from useless people. Sign up now if you already have memorized by heart everything above.

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