The Method to Register Your First Premier Credit Card

First Premier Bank gives second chances to people who have bad credit history. So, if you want to establish again clean credit ratings, you can apply on this bank but be sure to pay your bills on time. Read more here at To make payment easier, register your card online. In this way, you can manage and control your expenses. It enables you to update immediately about the current balance you have so you will know how much you are going to pay. Just follow the steps below for the online registration.image2

The things you need first
a. You must pay the web service rate only once that charges $4.95 only.
b. You also contain a computer with stable internet connection.

How to Enroll Your Credit Card?
a. Just simply open up your browser and then to check out the web page at After that, any time over the internet, click on the “Enroll” link so you’re able to start the enrollment method.
b. Enter the info requested from the website with you that includes your whole name, account number, your SSS number, the card number, the expiration date, zip code of your billing address, phone number, the three digits number at the back.
c. You also need to create your unique chosen username and password. Email address contact info is an essential so input which you actively use.
d. Afterward, then click “Continue”. You will receive a verification email which contains details which you have successfully made your account.
e. You will right away sign on in your fresh profile and look after it. In the event you aren’t definitely a first timer, you could miss the signing up portion and obtain your profile. Simply login your account information.

Just follow the steps above and you can now start managing your profile.

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