What are the Options to Pay Child Support in Florida if Unemployed?

Child support is a serious law in Florida State. All parents who did not receive the legal guardianship of their children must pay child support to the other ex-partner. If not, the law will get you into the jail. You can read more at myflorida access website. But what if you don’t have an income or just lost a job? Here are the options you have:image1

  • First, you must get in contact with the caseworker in Florida Department of Revenue to know the options in the position. There are numerous cases that an laid-off non-custodial parent with no salary might be freed for the moment from making payment on the child support. Just for a while because he or she will still carry out the payments gradually. The amount to be paid will just be detained on a future date. The payments could have an interest.
  • Second of all, it’s essential to discuss with a lawyer if you aren’t successful in suspending the payment for some time in Florida Department of Revenue. The attorney will assist you on eliminating getting in the jail for the moment. He will create an agreement within you along with the guardian parent which you’ll promise to pay for the child support on the date aided by the interest because of reason that you just aren’t yet have employment. You can actually contact the court house to search for a legal representative that deals with child support cases. The office will provide set of attorneys that you can call to assist you.
  • And lastly, you could borrow a loan in the bank, relatives or friends to afford the obligations of supporting your child. This might allow you to soothe for some time and soon you secure a job to pay the cash you still owe.

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